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an offspring of a mulatto and a white parent

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Clark demonstrates that imagery and metaphors of the quadroon were embedded in the "press wars" of political factions incited by the Haitian Revolution in Philadelphia.
17) See Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem "The Quadroon Girl" (1842); Lydia Maria Child's short stories "The Quadroons" (1842) and "Slavery's Pleasant Homes" (1843); Thomas Mayne Reid's novel The Quadroon (1856); and Dion Boucicault's play The Octoroon (1859).
Even I was shocked when a colleague only last week described his personal trainer as "a half caste", blissfully unaware that this is a term long since consigned to the banned list along with quadroon and octoroon, Mongol and spastic.
According to Sollors, the term quadroon in nineteenth-century fiction does not necessarily refer with mathematical precision to a character with one black grandparent, but rather "marks a character with some 'black' ancestry who could be taken for [or is] 'white'" (126).
Clarke, born into slavery, was separated from his Scottish father and quadroon mother at the age of six in Madison County, Kentucky.
To make Iola Leroy acceptable to a white audience, the black heroine would have to be physically almost white, a mulatto, quadroon, or octoroon.
This study of the history of the quadroon in lived reality and in fiction is not only a welcome addition to the literary history of miscegenation along the Atlantic seaboard; it is also long overdue.
The topics include Elizabeth Clark Gaines' journey from slavery to freedom, Black women insurgents on abolitionist battlegrounds, whether Quadroon balls represent acquiescence or resistance, experiences from southern Yemen of marginality and allegories of gendered resistance, and the psychological after-effects of racialized sexual violence.
First was the Irish writer Mayne Reid: The White Chief, The Quadroon, Oceola, The Headless Horseman and so on (I don't believe he ever set foot in the real West).
Eliza is a beautiful, refined, and exquisitely mannered quadroon, while her husband George, also a quadroon, is a brilliant inventor who convincingly passes as a Spanish gentleman after he escapes from his cruel master.
McKee wrote the title song for the film Quadroon when she was fifteen.
Aditya played deep lobs and excelled at the net quadroon.
At the novel's start, Lucy runs the "Mullatoes' Settlement," a building that houses the most famous quadroon balls in the city (11).
prostitute, with echoes of the dubious history of placage and the quadroon and octoroon balls: "She reclines gracefully upon a dull brocaded chaise-lounge, there is the scent of incense about her, and her draperies are arranged in formal folds.
Offspring of a so-called quadroon and a white man would, in Jefferson's thinking, make them equal to whites.