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having four sides

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I used this informal pre-assessment to gauge where each I class was with their understanding of quadrilaterals.
Many people find learning the definitions and hierarchical classification of quadrilaterals difficult and confusing (Fujita & Jones, 2007).
The reason is the same as above: quadrilaterals and hexagons need to alternate in a cyclic way along the edges of some triangle, yielding a contradiction.
Darren discovered the rigidity of triangles and the flexing of polygons with more than three sides, and ultimately disproved the conjecture that SSSS is a congruence property for quadrilaterals.
Proper treatment of corner singularities is handled with the following two-phase algorithm, typically recursive, where triangles can be replaced by quadrilaterals or a mixture of both:
Convex and concave quadrilaterals are two types of simple quadrilateral whereas crossed quadrilateral is a non-simple quadrilateral.
Little is known about the conditions under which a Hamiltonian path exists in grids consisting of quadrilaterals or hexahedra.
Here the focus is on the teaching of the definition of quadrilaterals through the use of Cabri Geometre.
Its strands of recycled CDs trace the edges of a novel mathematical solid--a polyhedron made up of 20 equilateral triangles and 60 kite-shaped quadrilaterals.
Take Untitled (7-123), 1999, with its sprinkle of little white quadrilaterals against a midnight-blue form that encloses several other shapes-pale orange, pink, and yellow--like a sort of mantel.
The midpoint shapes of all these quadrilaterals have two properties: (1) they are all parallelograms and (2) their areas are half the areas of the original quadrilaterals.
The user may employ eight node quadrilaterals, four node quadrilaterals and three node triangular elements in either a plane Cartesian or axisymmettic coordinate frame.
We selected the sequence of activities to explore components of geometric thought related to quadrilaterals at van Hiele levels 2 and 3.
p,h] is the set of the triangles or quadrilaterals in [T.
Students will find areas of different triangles and quadrilaterals.