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The study, "Health Information and Monitoring Among Qatari Adolescents," provides an in-depth understanding of how Qatari youth acquire information about health issues of all kinds.
Four hotlines, linked to two airports in Jeddah and Taif and two residential compounds in Makkah and Madinah, have been set up to answer queries and help Qataris.
Saudi Arabia had already stated that Qatari pilgrims would not be affected by the travel restrictions, but some Qataris have said they faced difficulties organizing the trip.
He added that Qatari investments, including direct investment in five core projects, have created more than 120,000 jobs.
Today is the last day for Qatari residents to leave UAE, after the country cut ties with Qatar earlier in June.
Article 2 of the Proxy Law provides that Qataris may not assist foreigners in carrying on the activities set out in Article 1.
We have doubled the number of Qatari employees in the past five years and increased those with a Bachelor's degree but we are committed to attracting, retaining and developing even more Qataris in the future.
Maersk Oil began the two-year Qatari Development Programme in November last year, as part of its revitalised Qatarization Strategy which includes a commitment to quadruple the number of Qataris in leadership and senior specialist positions by 2017.
The survey is further noteworthy as it seeks to canvass the opinions of both Qataris, who account for a small minority of the Gulf state's 2 million inhabitants, and non-Qataris.
We hope to repay the generosity shown to the Qataris with even harder work and dedication to make Vodafone the most admired brand in Qatar.
Two other TV services, Moroccan TV and the Gulf-based MBC, showed the first eight episodes but were forced to stop the series when the Qataris refused to supply them with the rest of the episodes.
The government does not intend to make a major change affecting the Qataris, because the issue of water and power tariffs is politically sensitive.
The Qatar global security and stability conference organized by exiled Qataris pressing for reform in the country kicked off in London Thursday, and comes as the diplomatic crisis in the Gulf enters its fourth month.
Visits by Qataris to their relatives in Saudi Arabia have been eased.
Though Saudi Arabia's latest move allowing Qataris to use the Saudi-Qatar land border for Haj has been considered a positive development by many, a cross-section of Qataris feel there is still more to be done to guarantee the well-being and comfort of the pilgrims.