Qatari riyal

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the basic unit of money in Qatar

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The Qatar Central Bank (QCB) had denied earlier that reports about trading in exchange rate are baseless and the Qatari riyal is "absolutely stable against the US dollar.
Summary: Moscow[Russia], July 1 (ANI): Several banks, foreign exchange companies in the Gulf have refused to exchange Qatari riyals and also stopped accepting them, following the economic blockade announced by Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies.
ISLAMABAD -- The effects of the deteriorating relations between Gulf states and Qatar have reached Pakistan as currency dealers in Pakistan have started to discontinue the buying and selling of Qatari Riyals.
Some banks suspended trading in Qatari riyal on Monday following Egypt's decision to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar.
The launch of a Global Medium Term Notes (GMTN) programme in compliance with 144a to allow for issuance into the US markets for up to $2 billion or its equivalent in Qatari riyal with a maximum maturity of 30 years provided that they are issued regularly in the global markets or in the form of a private placement was also approved.
According to a report, Qatari riyal is stabilising in offshore trade, recovering from several weeks of increasing volatility after the central bank pledged to ensure liquidity in the foreign exchange market.
RIYADH, Aug 19 (KUNA) -- Saudi Arabia confirmed Saturday that it continues to accept the Qatari Riyal in all monetary transactions and at exchange companies inside the Kingdom, official media reported.
Some banks operating in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the UAE have withdrawn their deposits from Qatari banks and have stopped trading on bonds and in Qatari riyal amid fears of increased pressure from Gulf states, according to Bloomberg.
The Qatari riyal exchange rate against the US dollar has been severely affected as the Qatar Central Bank pegs the riyal at 3.
A spokesperson for Barclays Plc said, 'In common with other banks, Barclays' high street foreign exchange service is supplied by a third party, which has stopped providing the Qatari riyal.
1 percent last week, Reuters reported, while the Qatari riyal has been falling against the dollar on worries of capital outflows.
MSCI said it has decided to "continue using the local FX rates and not switch to the offshore FX rates for the Qatari riyal in the MSCI Indexes until further notice.
The QCB said the guarantee would stand as long as the index provider MSCI continues to use the Qatari riyal's onshore FX rates in its indices and this guarantee should address any concern the MSCI investors might have on their capacity to freely trade the Qatari riyal at official onshore FX rates.
The Qatari riyal is already facing a devaluation threat on what seems like an economic blockade on Qatar from British banks and international financial institutions.
Nevertheless, because of the situation, the market purchase rate is 10 per cent below the official rate of Qatari riyal.