Qatar Peninsula

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a peninsula extending northward from the Arabian mainland into the Persian Gulf

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39 for the year ending December 31, 2007, reported Qatar Peninsula.
Assuming the butterflies flew in a constant direction over the sea, the closest land was the Qatar peninsula, approximately 120 km away.
Several dry holes have been drilled on the crest of the Qatar peninsula which, on geological maps, appears as a large closed anticline.
9) The territorial side of this long-running dispute--which was also the longest before the court--concerned a Qatari claim to an archipelago, known as the Hawar Islands, that lies just off the east coast of the Qatar peninsula, and a Bahraini claim to a region, known as Zubarah, on the east coast of the Qatar peninsula just opposite Bahrain.
The offshore field, which lies at a depth of 15 -70 metres to the north-east of the Qatar peninsula, boasts total reserves estimated at 500 trillion cubic feet.
As the storm crossed the Qatar peninsula, it started to decay.
Purchasing of an air defence system would provide a permanent defensive capability to the Qatar Peninsula as well as protection of the economic infrastructure and well-being of Qatar, it added.
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