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a terrorist network intensely opposed to the United States that dispenses money and logistical support and training to a wide variety of radical Islamic terrorist groups

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He added,"We've always known that we had to maintain a counterterrorism operation in that region in order to tamp down any re-emergence of active Al Qaeda networks.
Addressing a crowded news conference, here on Sunday, he said that law enforcement agencies following intelligence operation carried out operation in Chagai, during that a leader of Al Qaeda was killed and his wife was arrested.
Although Al Qaeda views itself as a vanguard for purifying and expanding Islam, she rejects the potential ideological parallel with communism.
Now that Al Qaeda has declared ISIL a renegade, however, its leaders cannot allow ISIL to succeed in creating a rival center of power.
The State Department threat warnings are a reminder of the resiliency of al Qaeda," Jones said.
The Christian Science Monitor reports that most Al Qaeda affiliates and allies are not actively plotting attacks against the US homeland.
They have been successful in establishing "a core network in Libya," but they still act clandestinely and refrain from using the al Qaeda name.
Now is the moment, following what happened with bin Laden, to put maximum pressure on them," Panetta said, "because I do believe that if we continue this effort we can really cripple Al Qaeda as a major threat.
These assertions, made in the backdrop of the Thimphu meeting between the foreign secretaries of the two neighbours, is put forward neither by an Indian hawk, nor by any Western expert whose stand on Al- Qaeda is far too well- known.
Al Qaeda militants now in detention planned to kill Saudi government and security officials and media workers by sending poisoned gifts to their offices, an interior ministry official told Reuters on Saturday.
Summary: Saudi Arabia have announced the arrest of 149 people from 19 cells linked to al Qaeda over the past eight months.
citizens Wesam El-Hanafi and Sabirhan Hasanoff were indicted today in the Southern District of New York for allegedly conspiring to provide material support, including computer advice and assistance to al Qaeda, Preet Bharara, the U.
What the United States and, in fact, the world are facing is more properly dubbed a global insurgent movement that emanates from al Qaeda at the international level and that slowly seeps into legitimate (and illegitimate) national secessionist movements around the world.
All in all, this book provides a concise yet comprehensive coverage of al Qaeda and its key leader, OBL.