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Libyan leader who seized power in a military coup d'etat in 1969

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That was the day nine of the Air Force's most sophisticated strike aircraft, armed with the best smart bombs, tried to kill Muammar Qaddafi as part of the Libya raid.
The Consulate General of Chad in Jeddah, Mohammad Al-Mastoor Al-Said joined the interview to comment on the issue of Chad mercenaries requisitioned by Qaddafi.
We were destroyed before our boys rose against Qaddafi," said Ramadan Dolla, caretaker of a museum set up on Tripoli Boulevard to record the events of the war.
This past August, when the rebel forces broke through to Tripoli and stormed the Qaddafi family compound, the dictator read the writing on the wall and managed to spirit his pregnant daughter, her mother and two sons to safety in Algeria.
A French defense official earlier said about 80 vehicles were in the convoy - the official said the strike did not destroy the convoy but that fighters on the ground afterward intercepted the vehicle carrying Qaddafi.
Over the course of the meal, Luzon claims he reached a "pre-agreement" with Qaddafi about compensation for Libyan Jewry, whose property had been confiscated by the Libyan government.
Rumors that members of Qaddafi family, including his wife and daughter, had
Qaddafi blamed everyone but himself for the revolt.
The Qaddafi children are described as jockeying for position as their father Colonel Muammar Qaddafi ages.
One can only imagine what this summit will be like from the types of behavior that have come from Qaddafi over the past few days, which are in effect days of preparation for the summit.
Qaddafi gave the nod for closer relations with the EU during an extraordinary summit of the African Union in Sirte, Libya, the EU officials said.
The armed men who clashed with the government in Bani Walid are supported by Qaddafi elements outside Libya.
Rebels from the western town of Zintan were seen as heroes after playing a key role in toppling Muammar Qaddafi.
BENGHAZI: Libya put 41 loyalists of dead dictator Moammar Qaddafi on trial on Sunday, in the first legal proceedings launched against members of the former regime which was ousted after a bloody conflict.
Summary: n what's being described as a "shift in attitude" by The New York Times, British foreign secretary William Hague appears to be nudged by France to consider a deal to allow dictator Muammar Qaddafi to remain in Libya in exchange for relinquishing power.