QWERTY keyboard

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the standard typewriter keyboard

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The stylish Motorola EX109 comes in a stylish body with a full QWERTY keyboard and a 5.
The QWERTY keyboard has been improved, but the fundamental-flaw of key placement has not been addressed and probably will not be addressed any time soon.
The result of these efforts is the common QWERTY keyboard (named for the letters in the upper left hand row).
Customizable QWERTY keyboard: The idea behind the phone seems to be retaining BlackBerry's old school charm from back in the day - the KEYone comes with a full QWERTY keyboard accompanying its 4.
The no-nonsense smartphone built to meet the needs of productive people who appreciate the speed and accuracy that can be found with a physical QWERTY keyboard is now available from authorized partners.
com)-- The QWERTY keyboard that we all use today was originally developed to stop the most frequently used keys on manual typewriters from jamming when typing too fast.
Washington, Mar 8 ( ANI ): Words that use most letters on the right side of the QWERTY keyboard - most common modern-day keyboard layout - are associated with more positive emotions than words spelled with more letters on the left, a new study has suggested.
8 -- FFirst unveiled back at Nokia World 2010 (September), the Nokia E7 made waves with its thin form factor (nearly the same as the Nokia N8) that squeezed in a sliding QWERTY keyboard.
The phone features a side-slider with QWERTY keyboard, touch dial-pad, backlit QWERTY keyboard for faster messaging, 2.
The Palm-based Treo 600 from Handspring, for example, features a QWERTY keyboard as well as a built-in digital camera, calendar, and contact functionality.
NYSE:HIT), Ubiquitous Platform Systems Group, recently announced that SDIO enhancement will be available on the Windows Mobile-based PCS Phone by Hitachi Model SH-G1000, featuring an integrated QWERTY keyboard, camera and wireless phone.
The layout is essentially identical to the QWERTY keyboard, so users won't have to search for keys, and its software is compatible with other portable keyboards and handheld accessories.
NEW YORK -- Snapkeys, the inventor of 2i technology, the invisible keyboard, a revolutionary answer to the cumbersome QWERTY keyboard for mobile devices, has released "World Record" on both the Android Marketplace and Apple's App Store.
Unlike the all-touchscreen BlackBerry DTEK50 and DTEK60, which were both released last year, the Mercury will be bringing back the physical QWERTY keyboard.
The smartphone is specially built to meet the needs of productive people thriving on speed and accuracy that can be found with a physical QWERTY keyboard.