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friend of Damon


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The Knights of Pythias was once a thriving social organization in Midland, but membership eventually dwindled, and the building was sold to the city.
4) Like Lyly's drama, Damon and Pythias includes learned Latin allusions and phrases, pitiable characters, affecting songs, and witty subplots.
By pooling their resources and obtaining two mortgages, they managed to buy the old Knights of Pythias Lodge Hall, a three-story wooden building, constructed in 1922.
In private, they were giddy at the Pythias productivity.
Henry's deathless joke says) days of Damon and nights of Pythias.
The three reigning Pythias were chosen for their psychic abilities.
The Pythias, the priestesses who maintained the Oracle and delivered forecasts to its visitors, were much more sophisticated than most of us today realize.
He was a member of the Webster Lodge of Masons and the Knights of Pythias.
Scales and arpeggios go together like peanut butter and jelly, Damon and Pythias, bricks and mortar, Fred and Ginger, green eggs and ham.
brick building constructed in 1927 as part of the Knights of Pythias retirement home at Los Guilicos.
male friendship in Richard Edwards' Damon and Pythias.
Pythias Brown admitted to stealing more than 800,000 dollars worth of cash, clothing and electronics over a four-year period at Newark Liberty International Airport.
604-6) with the account of the ancilla Pythias, whose discourse clearly marks the suffering of the rape victim (quin etiam insuper scelus, postquam ludificatust virginem/vestem omnem miserae discidit, tum ipsarn capillo [Besides, too, the villain, after he had abused the girl, rent all the poor thing's clothes, and tore her hair as well, 645-6]).
Instead, Pythias navigates all the dangers of being a young woman alone with little power and even less money.
Kirichenko starts with the premise that the Philogelos is a good example of absurd mime-humour, and identifies Milo, as well as Pythias and Lucius in the fish-trampling episode in Met.