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a borosilicate glass with a low coefficient of expansion

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From study day 0 to day 13, groups of fertilized eggs (n = 60) were exposed to perchlorate in 2-L Pyrex glass beakers (working volume, 1 L).
MICROWAVINGSIMPLY put vegetables in a Pyrex glass or ceramic dish with a splash of water in the bottom, place a lid on top (not metal or tin foil) and cook for a few minutes, stirring once.
The set has been beautifully designed and consists of a two-cup cafetiere and co-ordinated cafe cups, all with pyrex glass inserts.
Connections within the gas recirculation loop are constructed almost entirely of Pyrex glass.
He obtained the Pyrex glass for the formidable 21 inch telescope made by society members.
Corning, for example, was selling cookware based on heat-stable Pyrex glass that could go from "freezer to oven.
Worried plant workers also poured Pyrex glass down a waste well to prevent a potential chain reaction.
Made by Renardi, the Pyrex glass beakers are dishwasher-safe and come in two sizes - six cup and three cup.
To prepare the gargle, boil a cup of ground Ligustrum leaf in a Pyrex glass bowl then filter the mixture through a cheesecloth.
The cookware--and its see-through Pyrex glass lids--is ovenproof up to 500[degrees]F.
Sunlight is diffused through horizontal Pyrex glass tubing, increasing natural lighting.
The gas then flows through a fine filter of quartz wool to separate smaller particulates before entertaining a Pyrex glass sonic orifice, so called because the gas flows through the orifice at the speed of sound.
The equipment consists of a pyrex glass tube containing two arms; the diameter of each tube is 35 mm and the length is 130 mm.
March 17--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Corning Consumer Products Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW), today announced that it will expand its Pyrex glass bakeware manufacturing operations at Corning s Greenville, Ohio, plant.
Tenders are invited for 75Mm Pyrex Glass Chimney For Critical Oxygen Index Apparatus As Per Astm D-2863, Iso-4589, Bs-2782 .