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Synonyms for pyrethrum

made of dried flower heads of pyrethrum plants

white-flowered pyrethrum of Balkan area whose pinnate leaves are white and silky-hairy below

spring-flowering garden perennial of Asiatic origin having finely divided aromatic leaves and white to pink-purple flowers

used in former classifications for plants later placed in genus Chrysanthemum and now often included in genus Tanacetum

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Further, the report states that High cost and lack of awareness about the benefits of pyrethrins and pyrethrums among farmers in Asia, Africa, and South America may hinder market growth as these regions contribute a major share to global agricultural output.
Anacyclus pyrethrum DC (AP) is a plant belonging to the Asteracea family.
Previous chemical studies show that Anacyclus pyrethrum has immunostimuling properties (Bendjeddou, 2010).
This required insight into the behaviour of the malaria vectors and subsequently led directly to indoor spraying with pyrethrum.
The efficacy of PyGanic[R], a botanical insecticide with pyrethrum as the active ingredient, against M.
Further infestations by the orange-red larvae later in the summer can be controlled by using one of the organic Pyrethrum based chemicals such as Westland's Earth Matters Insect Control or by hand picking.
1-ounces total for both unit and cartridge--which heats a mat to release allethrin, a synthetic duplicate of pyrethrum.
So in June, Challs launched Bin Buddy, an odour-busting powder containing natural insecticide pyrethrum to freshen the nation's bins.
She has had her house tented and dusted with pyrethrum, her clothing and bedding professionally laundered.
An example of this is a lot of organic farmers can use nicotine spray or pyrethrum spray and still call their food organic.
There is no eco-friendly control, so if you go down the chemical route, Pyrethrum (Py Spray garden insect killer, Bug Clear gun for fruit and vegetables and Doff all in one bug spray) can be used.
Treatments were assigned randomly within subunits, with one trap left untreated and the other four treated with one of four potential repellents (Borax, granules of pyrethrum, unscented Raid Ant and Roach Spray, and carbaryl flea powder).
Thermal fogging with malathion or aerosol space spraying of pyrethrum extract (2%) is commonly used to control malaria vector population in urban areas in India, and to prevent malaria and dengue transmission, particularly during the outbreaks of these diseases.