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any of various thorny shrubs of the genus Pyracantha bearing small white flowers followed by hard red or orange-red berries

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Pyracantha Golden Glow produces masses of bright yellow berries, Callicarpa Profusion's violet-purple berries linger long after the autumn golden-purple tinted leaves drop off, and the evergreen Viburnum davidii has bright turquoise blue, egg-shaped fruits.
For spots that don't get much sun, you could go with clematis, honeysuckle, ivy, hydrangea petiolaris, or pyracantha - also known as firethorn.
Star performance Barry Keniry, a fine ride to snatch the feature novice handicap chase on Pyracantha Well deserved Paddy Aspell (below) was awarded a bottle of champagne after doing remarkably well to sit tight when Oniz Tiptoes made a bad mistake two out.
A Pyracantha are usually reliable and happy in the area you describe.
Some might feel that pyracantha and cotoneaster are the somewhat dreary additions to the average suburban garden, but pyracantha's common name, firethorn, is apt when you think of the mass of berries it produces in a variety of colours.
Finally, it started chewing on the popular garden bush pyracantha, a plant that it had spurned a few days earlier.
Mix things up: Clematis, left, needs a framework but requires little pruning while pyracantha (aka firethorn), above, brings a blaze of colour
Cotoneasters and pyracantha can both be trained horizontally and will give you (and the bees and birds) flowers and berries.
Pyracantha (firethorn) EVERGREEN foliage, dainty white flowers and bright autumn berries make this spiny shrubs a must-have in any garden, particularly if you want to help feed the birds.
Some shrubs, such as Pyracantha and Ceanothus, benefit from being grown against a wall.
Pyracantha can also be planted as a hedge, while the low-growing ones provide useful ground cover.
Trim new growth of pyracantha which is growing beyond the fruits, to expose the vibrant berries underneath.
Plant burglar-proof hedges such as pyracantha and make sure your fences are in good repair
Low-growing varieties of lantana, rosemary, cotoneaster, pyracantha, manzanita, acacia and ceanothus will ``swallow up'' ripe olives as they fall.
007: Pyracantha in fruit 008: Pyracantha 009: Beech Hedge; 012: Spiraea; 003: Cottage Garden 005: Leylandii Hedge; 011: Planter; 006: Ivy 001: Rose; 010: Holly; 004: Conifer; 002: Clematis