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capital of North Korea and an industrial center

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president to visit North Korea in 1994 and met with then North Korean leader Kim Il Song after bilateral ties became tense due to Pyongyang's nuclear program.
Russia on Thursday made its harshest criticism yet of North Korea in the current crisis, describing Pyongyang's actions as "categorically unacceptable".
Some hawks have suggested bombing Pyongyang's nuclear sites.
Efforts to hold serious disarmament talks were obstructed at least as much by Seoul's sabotage as by Pyongyang's maneuverings.
In the current attempts to avert a full-scale war, involving backdoor negotiations and multiparty talks, Pyongyang's pragmatism may prove decisive.
The United States and North Korea will hold talks in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday in a bid to end Pyongyang's missile program that could pave the way for a visit to North Korea by President Bill Clinton, White House spokesman Jake Siewert said Monday.
But behind the scenes, American and North Korean officials are preparing for official ties in the form of liaison offices agreed to in the 1994 framework talks that froze Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program, Satterwhite said.
sanctions after Pyongyang's latest nuclear test in February, and Chinese banks have curbed business with their North Korean counterparts in the wake of US sanctions on the country's main foreign exchange bank.
According to reports, Moscow has also indicated it is examining Pyongyang's latest warning but it has no intentions to withdraw its staff members any time soon.
China underscored that Pyongyang's all rocket launches based on ballistic missile technologies constitute a violation of the United Nations Security Council resolutions 1718 and 1874, while recognizing that the North retains a sovereign right to explore space for peaceful purposes.
A visiting senior North Korean nuclear envoy said Monday his country will soon accept inspectors from the international nuclear watchdog to monitor Pyongyang's nuclear activities in line with a recent bilateral agreement with the United States.
Pyongyang's civilian subway system is itself 150m (490ft) deep, no doubt because it was intended to double as a civilian bomb shelter in the event of a war.
ITEM: The Washington Post for October 5 reported: "With the fragile framework of a nuclear agreement in hand, President Bush's envoys now plan to push North Korea to begin disclosing the extent and locations of its secret development programs right away to test the sincerity of Pyongyang's commitment to give up its pursuit of atomic weapons.
North Korea's dictator Kim Jong Il has threatened to turn the peninsula into a "sea of fire" and has vowed "total war" if the United States preemptively attacks Pyongyang's nuclear facilities.
officials on Pyongyang's suspected construction of an underground nuclear facility and four-party Korean peace talks scheduled for later this month in Geneva.