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United States writer of pessimistic novels about life in a technologically advanced society (born in 1937)


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But do the habitual Pynchonesque high finks sabotage the latest novel?
Anyway, recently a character with the Pynchonesque screen name of Lazarus Divine started buying infinitely thin strips of land next to other people's valuable houses.
One encountered that adventurous impulse in various aspects of PQ 2003: the lecture by German director/designer duo Anna Viebrock and Christoph Marthaler, for example, on their efforts to bring alternative-space performances to the next level--smashing walls in existing venues, rearranging floor and ceiling materials, exaggerating key moments and characters to create a Pynchonesque, hyper-real look into the ironic beauty of everyday life.
These connections are enacted, ironically, already at the level of Pynchonesque signifiers, such as the unmistakable "Cherrycoke" [Cherry Coke] and "the global-Communications Nabob" [Rupert Murdoch].
The conspiracy hunter often seems lost in a Pynchonesque labyrinth, where he cannot tell the endless chain of clues from randomness, coincidence, and deliberate disinformation.
America" in all time and all dimensions is marked by Sally's unspeakable blackness, and the X places where she is free are Pynchonesque "zones" (called such in the novel) that oppose the flawed, broken dream of the American landscape.
But also immensely intelligent, funny, learned, resourceful, satiric, affective, grotesque - yes, Pynchonesque.
From the spy thriller, which portrays a Pynchonesque vision of contemporary reality, he borrows the convoluted plot; ideas of international conspiracy; vast, bewildering political or corporate powers; secret agents; and evil henchmen.
Newman's interpretation of Updike's strategy sanctions the defense of the local and marginal against centralized imperialism, but it fails to comment on the Pynchonesque irony of the novel's end, in which FedEx postal workers take centralized control over a fragmented America, reestablishing national communications and assuming governmental functions.
What complicates the reader's relation to the narrative is that Remy is ignorant of his role or purpose in these matters central to this Pynchonesque plot.
Insisting its readers work, it occasionally left this one exhausted as well as lost; to steal one of Shakar's hundreds of Pynchonesque similes, there were times I felt like I was 'flicking a Zippo inside the sun.
There's even a kind of boutique-lit brand that traffics in the adjective Pynchonesque.