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United States writer of pessimistic novels about life in a technologically advanced society (born in 1937)

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Already Pynchon exhibits a gallery of exotic names: Moe Kronk, Rafael Faggiaducci, J.
And in the end perhaps Smith's project is not so different from the one Pynchon set himself: to produce a work of art about everything and nothing.
Pynchon just gave you the who, the what, the where, and within a few lines he'll tell you when.
Pynchon and DeLillo are sceptics whose writing explores, satirizes, and undermines the forms taken by paranoid conspiracy theory.
Certainly this anarchist and Catholic Pynchon would not be my choice were I constructing a Pynchon congenial to my reading of his earlier works, and that very discrepancy makes me think that something new has developed.
By Pynchon is die parodie, in-verwysings, obskure en selfs fiksionele historiese gebeurtenisse, simboliek (die "muted post horn" van die "Trystero"-vereniging in The crying of Lot 49), kritiek op die Amerikaanse samelewing, en 'n metarefleksie oor die belang van skryf in 'n moderne gemeenskap wat al hoe meer mediagedrewe raak.
While Pynchon notes that the majority of pilots are romantically "swallowed in the sky" (98), their death out of sight and mind, he is forced to confront the violence wrought by the aircraft he maintains when Evan Godolphin returns from a sortie with wounds leaving his "worst possible travesty of a human face .
Meanwhile Pynchon takes the opportunity afforded by this retrospective to point to trends in the twenty-first century which echo Orwell's fictional scenario.
The remainder present a series of case studies of Thomas Pynchon, Ronal Sukenick, Raymond Federman, and Toni Morrison respectively.
In 1973 Thomas Pynchon published an enormous experimental novel called Gravity's Rainbow.
It suggests that Pynchon is a living classic of American postmodernist literature, noting he has developed a postmodernist sensibility that is a new cultural paradigm.
Springfield lies in the Connecticut River Valley, and was originally settled as a private plantation of the Massachusetts Bay colony by William Pynchon in 1636.
In Because Why, his award-winning debut feature, the film's main character is, what novelist Thomas Pynchon called, a human yo-yo.
We've seen some improvements with the removal of cooler doors, which often swing into aisles," says Dave Pynchon, senior manager, business consulting practice, Arthur Andersen, New York, N.
After The House of the Seven Cables appeared in 1851, telling of the cursed Pyncheon family, Hawthorne acknowledged--in response to complaints from members of a Pynchon family (who spelled their name without the e)--that the Pyncheon name had been inspired by the name of their ancestor, Judge William Pynchon (1590-1661), one of the 26 patentees of the Massachusetts Bay Company and the founder of Springfield, Massachusetts.