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42nd President of the United States (1946-)

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More than 100 people attended the Putting People First Annual Conference, which was opened by Coun Pat Scott from Northumberland County Council.
She will be joined by North Warwickshire MP Mike O'Brien, and Dame Yve Buckland, who led the Putting People First in Warwickshire Task Force.
Mike Howe's letter on putting people first was a welcome rarity.
With the support of Investors in People, we will always be a company that believes in putting people first.
Only by putting people first can we ensure that the Celtic Tiger continues to roar loudly in the future.
Keynote presenter was Jeffrey Pfeffer, from the graduate school of business, Stanford University, In his talk, "The human equation: building profits by putting people first," Pfeffer explained, "It is almost impossible to earn extraordinary returns by being 'average' and doing what everyone else is doing.
Greenpeace also says that in 1993 Gudmundsson "joined forces" with Putting People First (PPF), a group associated with the Wise Use movement, and has accepted sponsorship from the Icelandic government and the fishing industries of Norway and New Zealand.
Author Kathleen Marquardt is founder of Putting People First, an advocacy group that defends biomedical researchers, pet owners, hunters, and others against animal-rights zealots.
If we're putting people first, let's start within the local community by asking that business and government participate.
Putting People First by supporting disaster response and recovery efforts;
It's time for change, time for putting people first and that starts with first class healthcare for all, cradle to grave.
Seven years later Mr Clinton concluded his speech at the Democrats' 2000 convention with the words: "Keep putting people first, keep building those bridges.
The supported living team was selected by a panel of experts in the Putting People First category.
Ultimately what we want is to provide a completely new look and feel to the whole of the town centre, putting people first, which is what really matters.
So how about, for once, putting people first and realising public services are there for a reason ( to serve the public.