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42nd President of the United States (1946-)

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More than 100 people attended the Putting People First Annual Conference, which was opened by Coun Pat Scott from Northumberland County Council.
This award is another significant achievement that the Society can celebrate and it is a great incentive to provide even better service to our communities as we continue to live our mutual philosophy of putting People first.
Paralympic gold medallist Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson will join county leaders and MPs for a high-profile launch of Putting People First.
Whether we provide down payment assistance to future homeowners through our First Home Club, help a family refinance or fund renovations of their existing home, or assist a developer with the construction of senior housing, we're committed to living up to our credo of Putting people first," McCann added.
Putting people first : exploring the sustainable livelihoods approach in Waterloo Region.
Mike Howe's letter on putting people first was a welcome rarity.
With the support of Investors in People, we will always be a company that believes in putting people first.
Only by putting people first can we ensure that the Celtic Tiger continues to roar loudly in the future.
Keynote presenter was Jeffrey Pfeffer, from the graduate school of business, Stanford University, In his talk, "The human equation: building profits by putting people first," Pfeffer explained, "It is almost impossible to earn extraordinary returns by being 'average' and doing what everyone else is doing.
According to Jeffrey Pfeffer, the Thomas D Dee Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the author of "The Human Equation Building Profits by Putting People First," companies get exactly what they deserve Companies that treat their people right get enormous dividends, and companies that treat their people poorly experience the opposite "Companies that manage people right will outperform companies that don't by 30% to 40% If you don't believe me, look at the numbers," he says.
Greenpeace also says that in 1993 Gudmundsson "joined forces" with Putting People First (PPF), a group associated with the Wise Use movement, and has accepted sponsorship from the Icelandic government and the fishing industries of Norway and New Zealand.
Author Kathleen Marquardt is founder of Putting People First, an advocacy group that defends biomedical researchers, pet owners, hunters, and others against animal-rights zealots.
One way is to look at the basic document issued during the campaign, Putting People First, and recognize that it was a good document, but is it being faithfully implemented?
Truly missing in action is the "covenant" of Putting People First, the promise to invest $20 billion a year in a Rebuild America plan for the cities, to devote $50 billion a year to building the infrastructure of the next century, to invest in the green technologies, to spend defense savings "dollar for dollar" in converting to a peacetime economy.
Some observers are inclined to-dismiss the Clinton campaign pamphlet, Putting People First, and concentrate on the record of each new appointee.