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Their Es Puter was fine shards of ice mixed with coconut and a sweet sauce on top of chunks of jackfruit.
In 2002, an Israeli ha= cker named Ehud Tannenbaum, known as "The Analyzer," was sentenced to 18 mo= nths in jail for breaking into the NASA, Pentagon, and Defense Ministry com= puter systems, among other virtual locations.
But Stewart said Lewis had his family I and father Anthony who is a successful com puter entrepreneur, to ' advise him.
Patterson, developer of the RISC processor, told the association members that, while he didn't profess to know about the specifics of machine tools, he observed that the puter industry had already put in place ways to connect sensors via wireless communication and merge that data with other services.
Franzetti relies on the corn puter numerically controlled software to guide her plasma cutter to slice metal in accordance with her complicated designs.
Rose Keating has a favorite STORY ABOUT PUTER AND INTERNET SKILLS TO THE 60-and-older crowd.
Ed Roberts, MD, helped invent one of the first home computers and once worked closely with two fledgling corn puter junkies: Bill Gates and Paul Allen.
The worm a so picks a puter to use as transport vehicle in many cases, confidential matera's may be transmitted via this mechanism, Finally.
It's about reading trade jour nals and the business section; becoming involved with industry organizations; networking with others in your field; and taking courses that increase your com puter, management, and interpersonal relations skills.
A MULTI-millionaire Irish-American com- puter genius who was trapped by FBI paedophile investigators has escaped a hefty prison sentence.
Some Puter words like chanter (to sing) and manger (to eat) are exactly the same as French, and verbs like purter (to carry) are only marginally different from their French equivalent.
The 108-unit department store chain, with an estimated 100,000 registrants, is automating its com- puter systems to include scan guns, and will have an online bridal registry where guests can make purchases.
Steve Jobs wanted the com- puter screen on early Macs to look like a face and say hello.