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an arm exercise performed lying face to the floor and pushing the body up and down with the arms

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The most pushups in one hour (male) is 2,682 and was achieved by Carlton Williams (UK) at Body Club Fitness Centre, Margaret River, Western Australia.
For JM to say 22 pushups are not much of a challenge beggars belief.
Talking to reporter, Bodla said he broke the Guinness World Records for the Most Martial Arts Full Contact Knee Strikes and Most knuckle pushups in one minute with 108 knee strikes and 66 pushups.
Yesterday, Melson, who donates 100% of his purses towards the trial, posted a video where he completed ten pushups.
During the conduct of same competition, my hidden talent surprised me and military authorities alike when I completed 2638 pushups at formation level.
In an attempt for sixth world record of the day, most pushups will be tried with back hand.
After a short break Clarke went on to set the next record, completing 9,241 knuckle pushups in the next 24 hours.
Customers willing to donate a dollar or more to the cause pick a tab from a pot, which directs one of the barbers to do a certain number of pushups.
7 pushups, (19) more than twice the number in our modern dance participants.
In the first game alone, when the Ducks beat New Mexico by an excruciating 72-0 score, The Duck pumped out 506 pushups.
For these pushups, you'll need a four- to eight- inch- high box or step.
Repeat for 5 movements, and then perform 5 pushups.
A variety of exercises can be done near the pool: pushups, clips on the edge of the pool deck with legs in water, squats, and ab crunches.