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an arm exercise performed lying face to the floor and pushing the body up and down with the arms

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Talking to reporter, Bodla said he broke the Guinness World Records for the Most Martial Arts Full Contact Knee Strikes and Most knuckle pushups in one minute with 108 knee strikes and 66 pushups.
Yesterday, Melson, who donates 100% of his purses towards the trial, posted a video where he completed ten pushups.
In an attempt for sixth world record of the day, most pushups will be tried with back hand.
After a short break Clarke went on to set the next record, completing 9,241 knuckle pushups in the next 24 hours.
Customers willing to donate a dollar or more to the cause pick a tab from a pot, which directs one of the barbers to do a certain number of pushups.
I stumbled across the University of Oregon back in 1947, and Leo Harris (the UO athletic director who got permission on a handshake with Walt Disney to use a Donald Duck likeness as a team mascot) said to me, "We'd like you to be our mascot, but 63 years from now, you'll have to do a lot o' pushups because our football team is going to be something else.
Wide Pushup: Do a standard pushup, but with your hands wider than shoulder- width apart.
After a water break, do leg kickbacks from a pushup position with both hands on the floor or on the sides of a medicine ball (more difficult version).
P3-maximum number of deep pushups going down as far as you can and done very slowly immediately followed by deep push-ups while on your knees.
Sign up for the premium plan and they'll do your pushups for you
You will probably want to try those first pushups when no one is looking, but within a surprisingly short time your neuromuscular system will make the improvements necessary to maintain balance (and your dignity).
If you're a male and want to convey romantic intentions, do five to nine pushups in a hurry and keep your scary blue belly patch from showing.
He's doing pushups to strengthen his triceps, the muscle at the back of the upper arms.
A 1RM was not determined for the four exercises that rely solely on bodyweight for resistance: dips, suspended pushups, stability-ball pushups and standard pushups.
Bodla said,"The record for the knee strikes in one minute was previously 79 and was held by me only while the record for knuckle pushups was held by Bobby Natoli from USA with 58 reps," he said adding he broke the world records last week in Lahore.