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principles of the founders of the Oxford movement as expounded in pamphlets called 'Tracts for the Times'

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Puseyite Developments, 9 (first quotation); Nevins, Practical Thoughts: Thoughts on Popery, 93 (last quotation).
lies in our own divisions, and in the extraordinary conduct of the Puseyites.
It is hardly surprising that Crabb Robinson grew increasingly alarmed at Wordsworth's Puseyite drift.
Charlotte commented sardonically on Willie Weightman's High Church views on the Apostolic Succession and her father had temperedly branded Arthur Bell Nicholls, a Puseyite.
Angus Easson's extensive headnotes to the separate items include information about journals--religious/political orientation, editorial staff, and circulation figures--as well as about reviewers, emphasizing the range of standpoints (including Christian Socialist, Utilitarian, Evangelical, Puseyite, High Tory, and Unitarian) from which the novels were reviewed.
The project continued into and beyond Hopkins' Puseyite years, and marks a direct link between the Oxford Movement proper and the early Anglo-Catholicism of the 1860s.