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a passage full of ornate and flowery language

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Entrants contribute offerings in a range of genres including romance, crime, fantasy, historical fiction, children's, purple prose and vile puns.
Often the purple prose - brimful of alleged shock-horror - has been downloaded, thought-free, straight from anti-shooting websites.
It should give you the whole colourful story, while cutting out a lot of the purple prose.
During her lifetime, Marsden Hartley, Henry McBride, Carl Van Vechten, and Virgil Thomson all sang her praises in print, with posthumous additions made by Parker Tyler, John Bernard Myers, and most recently Trevor Winkfield, each in varying shades of purple prose (a phenomenon in which I now participate in the 21st century).
He'd become her internalised bullshit detector, ever ready to turn down any emergent eruptions of purple prose.
BRENDAN O'Carroll, creator of Dublin mammy Mrs Brown - infamous for blue rather than purple prose - has made it all the way from Liverpool''s theatres to a BBC1 series.
Sadly, Zalasiewicz is far too keen on purple prose.
Summary: I am reading this magazine and there is this article about childhood memories and six people have written these ghastly, flowery pieces about sunsets and walks in the park and gambolling in rose gardens and treks to some flipping hill station and babbling brooks and the shade of old banyan trees and their first little pet called Rover and loving relatives and even more loving cousins and the one who has written about the most purple prose you can imagine (my childhood days were spun from gossamer thread, each skein a personal memory, precious and as special as the dew kissed tulips in the garden where the fountain tinkled its own symphony and we sat around the pond where goldfish played tag and recited silent poetry) has won first prize of a free air trip for two.
Looking at a gadget in such a way gives us a clean, unfettered opinion sans any associated PR purple prose.
Alan's purple prose, as I recall, coined such colourful phrases as "midfield stoker general" and, on occasion, when Town, were engaged in desperate defence, he would paint a picture of them holding siege against "an armada-like cannonade.
Vince's purple prose AS EVER, the royal procession provided a stunning sight, but even more enjoyable were the words used to describe it on Ascot Television by broadcasting legend Mike Vince.
I can appreciate Mr Dixon's flowery, some might say purple prose, but the continued vilification of and the sneering at Mike Ashley are entertaining only if you like that sort of thing, but are now counter productive.
The book's purple prose passages--such as a shower scene that provides Shaw with masturbation fantasies--will certainly stimulate readers more than his descriptions of getting high or longing for love.
Although the storyline is captivating especially when the author begins his quest to defect it is bogged down in places by flowery metaphor giving the book a purple prose cast.
Sometimes the purple prose includes historical errors, e.