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a large densely branching neuron that is the characteristic cell of the cerebellar cortex

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2000) Suppression of inhibitory synaptic potentiation by presynaptic activity through postsynaptic GABAB receptors in a Purkinje neuron.
The Baylor researchers said this alcohol-induced reduction of spontaneous Purkinje neuron firing rates in adults could explain the greater sensitivity to alcohol's motor impairing effects in adults compared to adolescents.
Heterotopia of the Purkinje neurons in the granular layer of the cerebellum was a striking finding of the present case, and the hypennetria, ataxia and tremors of the head and neck observed here were likely associated with this change.
The most known cerebellar cells are the granule, stellate, basket, Golgi, Lugaro, unipolar brush and Purkinje neurons (Pkn) that all together constitute its neuronal circuitry and the three different layers (molecular, Purkinje and granular) of the cortex.
Modulation of sodium channels of rat cerebellar Purkinje neurons by the pyrethroid tetramethrin.
Postnatal ethanol exposure blunts upregulation of GABAA receptor currents in Purkinje neurons.
In the study, Scheiffele's group demonstrated that these mossy fiber inputs often connect with Purkinje neurons during early brain development, in addition to granule cells.
NGF receptor immunoreactivity which was developed in the 3 layers of the cerebellar cortex in adult rats was decreased in the neuropil of the molecular layer and in the cytoplasm of Purkinje neurons of rats of 24 months.
Rabies virus antigen was detected in the Purkinje neurons, spinal cord and obex (Figure 1D) using a goat anti-rabies polyclonal reagent (Chemicon #5199) according to the technique described by STEIN et al.
10) Cerebellar Purkinje neurons also require L-serine supplied from Bergmann glia cells.