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the beliefs and practices characteristic of Puritans (most of whom were Calvinists who wished to purify the Church of England of its Catholic aspects)

strictness and austerity in conduct and religion

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In the son, individualist by temperament, once the science of colleges had replaced thoroughly the faith of conventicles, this moral attitude translated itself into a frenzied puritanism of ambition.
Remember to what a point your Puritanism in England has brought you.
The women intellectuals, artists and businesswomen warned that the global backlash against high profile incidents of sexual harassment could be going too far, risking a slide into "new puritanism.
Although Cameron's discussion and description of black communities in Massachusetts in the Revolutionary period finds solid ground in the second half of the book, the first detracts from the second tenant of his argument that these black activists articulated Calvinism into their doctrines and ideologies, thus connecting them to seventeenth-century Puritanism.
The age of Milton is an era of extreme religious and political polarization, revolving around reforms in the English Church commonly known as Puritanism.
Max Weber demonstrated that Puritanism sprang from Calvinism, defending the unjust distribution of wealth, as ruled and represented by the hierarchy of the divine order.
Puritanism and Modernist Novels: From Moral Character to the Ethical Self
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This sort of knee-jerk puritanism does more to damage the cause of equality than a thousand beer labels.
This article revisits the war that many New Zealand writers besides Baxter waged on Calvinism and puritanism between about 1900 and the 1970s.
The original aim was to promote national religious unity, through the work of a team of 54 translators with views ranging from high Anglicanism to Puritanism.
THE SOURCE: "From Kama to Karma: The Resurgence of Puritanism in Contemporary India" by Wendy Doniger, in Social Research, Spring 2011.
Indeed, French media seemed to dismiss the case as an example of American puritanism, although they conceded that Strauss-Kahn was foolish to engage in risky behavior, given his high-profile position and the nature of his job.
That's not puritanism but a healthy response to a growing social menace.