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In this study, we show a high correlation between ARG and purine metabolism gene expression.
This impaired secretion of monosodium urate crystals deposited within the peripheral joints is a by-product of the purine metabolism.
Allantoin was the main excretion product from purine metabolism in agreement with the results of [32,22,11].
Electrophysiological recordings from KD-fed rats demonstrated changes in synaptic transmission as well as the influence of purines on synaptic transmission that were consistent with the alterations in adenylate energy charge and purine metabolism observed neurochemically.
Gout is caused by disordered purine metabolism resulting in hyperuricemia.
Muller's major research interests are related to purine metabolism and clinical and applied biochemistry.
Purine metabolism, including the final steps in uric acid generation catalyzed by xanthine oxidase, have been exceedingly well-characterized.
Repligen Corporation (Needham, MA; 781-449-9560) announced that it has licensed two patent applications from the University of California (San Diego, CA) covering novel methods for the treatment of mitochondrial disease and for the treatment of autism in patients with abnormal purine metabolism ("purine autism").