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(Judaism) a Jewish holy day commemorating their deliverance from massacre by Haman

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Fishman has an answer for that as well: "All of the actresses will wear masks, in line with the tradition of wearing costumes on Purim.
Purim was first celebrated in the first century and then eventually gained popularity around the world.
Continue reading "WATCH: Israeli Police Marching Band Leads Off Purim Parade for Undocumented Immigrant Children in Tel Aviv" at.
Afour-day closure will be imposed on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip for theJewish Purim holiday starting from Tuesday the 27th until midnight Saturday.
Reading through the story of Purim, we discover another most interesting fact.
On the other hand, extremist right-wing Israeli groups visited the Compound on Wednesday morning, and called for visits to the site during Purim wearing masks traditionally associated with the holiday.
Rabbi Novack and community members will personally deliver the packages in Israel before Purim.
The 'Like a Virgin' singer holds an annual Purim party and has been following the teachings of the Kabbalah Centre since the early '90s.
Purim Celebration Join Beth Tikvah Synagogue and the Boroughs JCC for a Purim celebration featuring the Beth Tikvah Band and the Pumpernickel Puppets, 9 a.
Children's Purim Celebration -A Purim celebration will be held at Temple Beth Israel, 1175 E.
tells the story of Purim, and encourages young viewers to experience the joy of dressing up, having fun, and making other people happy on this special day.
The tradition of gift giving among Jews living in Iran is and has always been popular during Purim, which falls between late February and late March, close to Now Ruz.
Fears and phobias include children's fear of Purim masks, fear of reciting brochos and tefillos in shul, and an exaggerated fear of a spouse's infidelity.
CDATA[ Jerusalem residents celebrated aShushan Purima on Monday, one day after Jews around the world ended their Purim festivities.
The couple were joining in the fun at the Kabbalah Centre in London to help celebrate the Jewish Purim festival.