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Synonyms for capitalism

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If we are to take from Drucker only one guiding principle it is that we should overcome the limitations of the pure capitalist world view and turn our attention to the major questions of society:
If Cuba had a pure capitalist system," he said, "you'd see 100 boats out here.
Pure capitalist logic, after all, hardly explains why businessmen would relegate low-wage, semi-skilled jobs to women and skilled work to men, since people of each sex were variously endowed with different capacities and, arguably, could be exploited to best advantage as individuals rather than as members of a social category.
We believe that given some of the disturbing tendencies of the modern law firm--this pure capitalist model--we need to seed our law firm with people who believe that there are things about the profession and things about the practice of law that are more important than making money For that reason, it is very important to us to get as many lawyers as possible in our firm to do pro bono work and, to the extent practicable, to see those lawyers rise to positions of influence within our law firm.
believes pure capitalists who go into business to leverage the money should sell to white firms if they offer the most cash.