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4) Part 4 of the contract: execution by a team of Mala Punica under the direction of Pedro Memelsdorff concert titled Missa Cantilena for the 11th Festival of Mysteries Paschalia.
Two fossil species of Punica seeds are recognized: Punica antiquorum (Heer) Mai, (syn.
Aqueous extract: Subsequently 50 g of Punica granatum flower powder was mixed with 200 ml distilled water in 30 min condition in hot water.
Dominant plant species in the virgin site were Zelkova carpinifolia and Punica granatum with an understorey of Robus sp.
punica (Dalmas 1921) (Algeria, Tunisia, Libya) (distributions after Platnick 2007).
In Punica Libyca - Ptolemaica: Festschrift fur Werner Huss, zum 65.
And the fruit (latin name Punica Granatum) even gave its name to one of the most deadly weapons in modern warfare, the grenade.
It is believed that the pomegranate punica granatum was first grown in Persia before the Christian era.
Ethnicity was an important factor in Roman foreign policy as the slogan Punica fides used in the wars against Carthage shows.
Burncoose Nurseries (01209 860316) list Punica granatum Flore Pleno, a double flowered strain, and P g Nana Racemosa, which is very late flowering.
Many religions have ascribed significance to the fruit of Punica granatum.
PURCHASE, New York, May 2 /PRNewswire/ -- PepsiCo announced today that it has agreed to acquire Punica Getranke GmbH, a leading German maker of fruit juices and juice drinks, from Sunny Delight Beverages Co.
In September Princes took control of Dairy Crest's chilled juice business for 11m [pounds sterling], while earlier Procter & Gamble announced it was exploring "strategic alternatives" for its Sunny D and Punica juice businesses.
Proctor & Gamble in Germany has expanded its range of Punica juice drinks with the introduction oft 1.
Agostino prosciolto e dimesso per gli intrighi di Cosimo furiere e i venali uffici di Giambattista Stiattesi; Orazio Gentileschi restituito a una impassibilita intellettuale appena venata di disgusto; Artemisia ridotta da una effimera scandalosa celebrita a una solitudine riotosa e insidiata: ecco fatti che mi valgono--e non so se arrossirne--come una seconda guerra punica.