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Synonyms for Punic

the Phoenician dialect of ancient Carthage

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of or relating to or characteristic of ancient Carthage or its people or their language


tending to betray

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Chapter 6, "A Punic Economic Text on Lead (CIS I 6068)" (pp.
The name "Arish" means "the beloved of Gods" and was commonly used on Punic inscriptions.
The peripheral and ambiguous status of Phoenician and Punic history in the wider 'ancient world' is matched by the institutional marginalisation of the field, as the Phoenician and Punic worlds are rarely taught and researched as part of classical archaeology, let alone ancient history.
Which city was destroyed by Rome in 146BC to end the Punic Wars?
I've been imputed of everything apart from the Punic Wars," Andreotti once famously said.
At school, Dichter becomes known for his drawings of "little people"--his heroes, Pan Tadeusz, Sienkiewicz's hussars, the Punic Wars, post-German military magazines, and David Copperfield--defenders or avengers, surrogate, recyclable family helping to right wrongs and conjure fear.
Anyone who has a little knowledge of ancient history will remember the great hate that existed between Rome and Carthage, which caused the Punic Wars till the complete destruction of the African city, nowadays a suburb of Tunis.
a first century Roman scholar, writes in Natural History of Marcus Sergius, a Roman general who led his legion against Carthage (presently Tunis) in the Second Punic War (218-210 B.
The Bardo National Museum in its new look is representative of all periods of the history of Tunisia especially as six new pavilions are devoted to prehistory, Punic period, Numidian civilisation, submarine treasure of Mahdia, late antiquity and Islam.
SLAVEN: Rodic, Kokalovic, Bubnijic (Pilpovic 72), Busic (Saban 58), Rak, Brlek, Delic, Vugrinec (Grgic 64), Punic, Maras, Batarelo.
Overall, there are better sources on specific issues, events, battles, and campaigns of the Second Punic War.
Makthar in particular is mentioned in the guidebooks for ruins dating from the Punic and Roman eras.
The collection includes invaluable samples of Neolithic, pre-historic, Berber, Garamantian, Phoenician, Punic, Greek, Roman and Byzantine culture.
Eight papers from that gathering are presented here, examining such topics as the Syrtes between east and west, Carthaginian garrisons in Turdetania, coinages with Punic and neo-Punic legends of Western Mauritania, trans-Saharan long-distance trade and the Helleno-Punic Mediterranean, and a view from the south.
NACIS has also recently taken over the management of CartoTalk, the PuNic Forum for Cartography and Design, (cartotalk.