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Synonyms for pundit



Synonyms for pundit

a usually elderly person noted for wisdom, knowledge, and judgment

Synonyms for pundit

someone who has been admitted to membership in a scholarly field

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He started strongly enough with his debut for the Crystal Palace game against Everton on Monday night and there seems plenty of for potential for some interesting jousts with fellow pundit Jamie Carragher.
A judging panel, including Jeff, shortlisted 30 pundits to attend five regional pub challenges, where they will take part in two challenges in front of a pub audience.
During the visit, the JI delegation met with the Hindu pundits Prem Chand, Sajan, Ashok Kumar, Bhagwan Das and Mohan Sadhu and congratulated them on Diwali.
He said that the pundits just made an opinion and it is not because they did not win for eight years that they can't win the title anymore.
What utter rubbish, as Gwyn Jones, who seems one of the few sensible pundits on the issue, pointed out in his excellent article in the Western Mail.
Academics--especially PhDs--are "natural" pundits because they are so educated.
The nomination period closes on March 1 and voting to pick the top five 2013 top Smart Device Pundits will begin March 4.
When Iran says "Nuclear weapons are a grave sina it sounds almost as good to pundits as aPeace in our timea sounded to the useless idiot pundits in 1938 - but this article shows how Iran can keep its word and destroy the West.
Arsenal's Russian star teases clicheloving pundits Rio Ferdinand Why are our English football pundits using the term 'quarterback'?
Richard Sale, the book's author, has put it together from several disparate sources, but has made its central theme Ward's lifelong interest in the 19th-century explorers of India's northern frontiers, known to history as the Pundits.
The pundits seemed to have a pretty consistent view regarding John Terry and the captaincy of England.
The temple was reopened on Wednesday by the Kashmiri Pundit Sangharsh Samiti ( KPSS) -- an organisation which works for the welfare of Kashmiri pundits who chose to remain in the Valley after 1990 when armed insurgency erupted in the state.
No matter how often they miss the mark, pundits just won't shut up, and I'll lay even odds that the pundits (and pollsters) who predicted a big defeat for Tzipi Livni in the Israeli elections last week didn't slink away in shame after her party outpolled all others.
PUNDITS can keep spouting their opinions - Tony Mowbray isn't interested.
After hailing Palin's performance and quoting numerous mainstream pundits attesting to same, all to suggest that she succeeded in stopping the bleeding, Kurtz dryly posts the following WITHOUT comment: