perforated eardrum

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an eardrum with a hole or tear in it

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Specialists warn that continuous use of cotton swabs may result in a punctured eardrum or push the earwax further inside trapping it in the ear canal, eventually leading to an ear inflammation.
However, in December a second medical examination classified him as 4-F because of his punctured eardrum and related chronic inflammation known as mastoiditis.
Conductive hearing loss can be caused by a buildup of earwax, fluid in the middle ear space, a punctured eardrum, or problems with how the hearing bones vibrate, such as with the condition of otosclerosis.
Medical or surgical treatment can often restore hearing in people with a conductive hearing loss, which can be caused by earwax, fluid in the middle ear space, or a punctured eardrum.
While hearing loss from a damaged inner ear or auditory nerve is permanent, hearing loss also may be caused by earwax buildup, fluid, or a punctured eardrum, and medical treatment may restore your hearing.
Rejected by the Army because of a punctured eardrum, he began appearing in theatre and films, including The Alamo with John Wayne.
Ear wax buildup, fluid in the middle ear, abnormal bone growth, a punctured eardrum, or a middle ear infection can cause this type of hearing loss.