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a card on which data can be recorded in the form of punched holes

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In some counties using punch-card ballots, votes went unregistered because the holes next to the candidates' names weren't entirely punched through, and thus weren't registered by ballot counting machines.
Recently, the most common Democratic election-reform initiative has been to ban punch-card ballots.
Antiquated, unreliable, error-prone punch-card systems
Fact two: Punch-card machines were more widely used in areas where low-income and African-American citizens vote.
His lawyers pleaded with the court to allow thousands of punch-card ballots to be recounted as the outcome of the presidential race remained unsettled a month after election day.
In an interesting discussion on Woody Woodland's WGIR-AM radio show about New Hampshire's past use of punch-card ballots, Secretary of State Bill Gardner said that election officials in the Granite State had a different name for those little pieces of punched-out paper that have become known to the world as "chads.
Questions have also been raised about the accuracy of vote tallies in the special election held earlier this year in the first congressional district of Wisconsin, where as many as 5 percent of the voters may have failed to get their punch-card votes counted.
HAVA was enacted because of contested vote counts due to antiquated punch-card ballots during the 2000 presidential elections.
VENTURA - Ventura County will replace its punch-card voting system before the June 6 primary election, officials said.
After that election, the now-infamous "Votomatic" punch-card system swept the country.
years ago, and the county's new optical-scanning voting system that will replace the old controversial punch-card ballots takes up so much more room that a move became essential, Suchart said.
The vote counters were judging punch-card ballots by different standards in different counties--in some places, counting only ballots with holes punched all the way through, in others counting ballots that had only been partly punched.
Boulder County has selected Hart InterCivic's Ballot Now(tm) digital ballot imaging system to replace its punch-card ballot system.
SOMEONE remind us again, what was so bad about punch-card voting?