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the point of a joke or humorous story

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Listeners to the joke don't necessarily bring this set of oppositions to mind, but they must recognize it if the joke is to make any sense and the punch line is to be effective.
The Book of Lies is always smart and often amusing, though some of the best punch lines are geared toward gay historians and fans of queer literature.
While the laughs remain in place, this final season features more overtly sitcom-ish punch lines and plotting, somewhat diminishing Partridge's distinctive essence, if not his place in British TV's comic pantheon.
When they aren't punch lines, Davenport's titles are frequently deadpan descriptions, as in the lint sculptures and GO Mitten, 1998, a child-size pink mitten that bears the eponymous command stitched in green yarn across its palm.
As he dispenses scandal, insight, and punch lines, all that's missing is the pitcher of martinis.
On the weekends, Oliver is polishing punch lines at places such as The Madrid Theatre in Canoga Park.
Son is clearly adept at plot points, punch lines, and yuppie brand names: When Sara inquires about the roof-shaking racket in Callie's apartment, she explains, "My upstairs neighbor teaches homes how to Riverdance.
It is also inevitable that so programmatic a show will favor art that prefers punch lines to pathos and borders at times on pedantry tricked out in black humor's garb.
But, as Caldwell said, after five years of pounding out punch lines, ``I just didn't feel this was it.
Gone are the exquisite masks that command attention and with them the punch lines of yore, the sly innuendoes, the bravado that endeared her to millions and made her a persistent annoyance for millions more.
Written and produced by United Station's award-winning team of writers just hours before airtime, subscribing stations will be able to deliver punchier punch lines to morning show audiences across the U.
but enough of tonight's punch lines are amusing enough that the show shouldn't need to resort to such pandering.
Miller occasionally substitutes punch lines for emotions, and anyone who's followed Miller's career may find some of this material too familiar--several stories are lifted directly from his older performance pieces.
Don't think: Quite a grim line connecting those twin punch lines, Bill Clinton's ``I did not have sex with that woman'' and Condoleezza Rice's ``I believe the title was 'Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States.
You've probably laughed at many Lapiduss punch lines before, on Roseanne, Home Improvement, The Tracey Ullman Show--and now Ellen, for which Lapiduss is the consulting producer.