heart failure

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inability of the heart to pump enough blood to sustain normal bodily functions

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According to the study, "one additional patient per RN per shift would result in 12 additional cases of failure to rescue, six cases of pulmonary failure and five accidental extubations per 1000 hospitalised patients".
Fatal pulmonary failure complicating high dose cytosine arabinoside therapy in acute leukemia.
She was admitted to hospital with pulmonary failure and high sugar level, which demanded quick medical intervention.
Meanwhile, across all nursing units, the meta-analysis found that each additional patient assigned to a nurse was associated with a 7 percent increased risk of developing hospital-acquired pneumonia, a 53 percent increased risk of suffering pulmonary failure and a 17 percent increased risk of experiencing overall medical complications.
Patients who have esophagectomies done at low-volume hospitals also have higher rates of pulmonary failure, renal failure, aspiration, reintubation, sepsis, and surgical complications.
She became ill shortly after, and died in Wansbeck General Hospital the next day from pulmonary failure.
Sickle cell chronic lung disease: prior morbidity and the risk of pulmonary failure.
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