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Mountain Valley Chairman and CEO Breck Speed said in August that it was waiting for the right market conditions before it moves forward with its initial public stock offering.
Our strong financial performance in 2004 and successful secondary public stock offering significantly strengthened our liquidity as we entered 2005," says James G.
Warner Music Group, the record label of Linkin Park and owner of publishing rights to songs including ``Happy Birthday To You,'' plans to raise at least $750 million in an initial public stock offering, according to documents filed Friday with securities regulators.
The Company completed its initial public stock offering in October 2004.
We also plan to negotiate for the repurchase of our remaining TARP warrant which was reduced by one-half, as a result of our recent public stock offering of over USD100m,' said John R Buran, president and chief executive officer.
Jon Feltheimer alleged that Sony failed to deliver on a promise of stock and a public stock offering.
These statements were incorporated in Toolworks' July 1990 prospectus for its public stock offering.
Proceeds from this public stock offering will be used for general corporate purposes, including boosting the capital of the company and to support its strategic growth opportunities.
The bank has announced a public stock offering of up to 1.
5 billion initial public stock offering in October and the $3 billion spinoff of Lucent Technologies Inc.
As the chief financial officer, he represented the company in its initial public stock offering in 1992.
said Friday it would delay its initial public stock offering, possibly for at least a year.
Lotan said MRV will pay for Xyplex with part of the funds raised by September's public stock offering of 2.