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stated that ending federal funding for public broadcasting would
The activity of the Georgian Public Broadcasting was checked by the financial police.
The Carnegie report catalyzed the legislative process and, following Congressional approval, President Johnson signed the Public Broadcasting Act into law on November 7, 1967.
SEEMO will continue to strongly monitor the situation of the public broadcasting in the region of South East and Central Europe.
With the rapid growth of audience throughout public broadcasting and the expansion of media platforms we serve, this new organization will provide greater resources to fully, actively represent our shared assets," he said via a written statement.
Furthermore, when applied at the state and federal levels of public broadcasting, such an approach may lead to the conclusion that programming decisions made to advance partisan interests are presumptively invalid under the First Amendment.
Back in the 1960s, public broadcasting was established to provide for the dissemination of alternative views and to meet the needs of populations that went unserved or underserved by commercial broadcasting.
When two Democratic congressmen protested all this, they called Tomlinson "a source of political interference into public broadcasting.
Todd Akin, (R-2nd District) voted against support for public broadcasting, while Rep.
In the weeks leading up to the conference, these groups called for town-hall meetings across the country to drum up grass-roots support for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).
Maybe that's what needs to happen in the latest spat over public broadcasting.
Spellings also criticized the Public Broadcasting Service for a "Postcards from Buster" cartoon that depicts two lesbian couples.
The lenses for the proposed Public Broadcasting System (PBS) pilot, "Smart Living," focused on the recycling and manufacturing process at the SCA Tissue Mill in South Glens Falls, New York.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-19 March 2002-Digital Vision AB selected equipment supplier by Public Broadcasting Service in the US (C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.