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Theresa Kaddo, said tenants and employees who depend on pubic transportation are complaining.
In addition, the significant geographic areas that have true, unimpeded, drivers for mobile WiMAX are those with populations that coincidentally use pubic transportation on a broad scale.
34 percent of those surveyed will take advantage of early bird specials at retail stores on Black Friday -- The price of gas will impact holiday shopping this year in the following ways: -- 73 percent of holiday shoppers will shop close to home -- 30 percent will carpool or use pubic transportation -- 26 percent will do more shopping online -- 39 percent will spend time during work hours shopping or doing holiday errands -- 40 percent will purchase gifts for work colleagues this holiday season
Whether it is at retail stores, banking kiosks, quick-service restaurants, or pubic transportation terminals, visual merchandising has taken on a whole new meaning due to today's easy accessibility to low cost, high-bandwidth networks.
Journalists, doctors, police officers, restaurants, waiters, pubic transportations workers, and most of the private sector employees don't seem to have long vacations due to their job requirements.