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son of Ptolemy I and king of Egypt who was said to be responsible for the Septuagint (circa 309-247 BC)

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In this elegantly produced, very thoroughly documented, and lavishly illustrated (color and black-and-white photographs) volume, Cheshire presents detailed discussion of several bronze busts and statuettes more or less plausibly identified as representing Ptolemy II, his sister-queen Arsinoe II, and the iconographic tradition that may be traced to Ptolemy II.
Free development testing service for open source community helps the next generation of Java developers find and fix software defects Coverity, Inc have also announced the results of its latest Coverity Scan Project Spotlight, which analysed Ptolemy II, an open source Java project that is being used by the University of California, Berkeley, to teach electrical engineering & computer sciences (EECS) students how to develop high-quality software.
At the start of Cleopatra's reign in 51 BC, Egypt was in dire political and financial straits and scholars have interpreted her subsequent interactions with Julius Caesar and Antonius to mean that she perceived the kingdom's recovery as depending heavily upon its ability to regain the territories held under Ptolemy I Soter and his successor Ptolemy II Philadelphos.
They are the Dattari Bronze Rider in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, a male statuette and female draped figure in Britain, bronze portrait heads and busts attributed to Ptolemy II Philadelphus, and Egyptian bronzes of Ptolemy II.
The temple is on Lake Mariut which is today called Abusir, near the northern coastal city of Alexandria, and was built during the reign of King Ptolemy II (282-246 BC).
The Letter of Aristeas itself, which was written ostensibly by a member of the court of the King Ptolemy II Philadelphus in the third century BC but is widely understood to be a work of Jewish propaganda from a later period, receives only brief treatment.
Chapter thirteen begins the next section on the Royal Economy by examining the Revenue Laws of Ptolemy II, which had been classified as an economic codification.
Ptolemy I and his successor, Ptolemy II Philadelphus, were determined to make Alexandria the artistic and scientific centre of the world.
30) There were two portrait statues of Areus I at Olympia, the first presented by the Eleans, the second by Ptolemy II, his ally in the Chremonidean War.
A respected scholar as well as a prolific writer, he was appointed as chief cataloguer of the great Alexandrian library by Ptolemy II Philadelphos.
It was founded by Alexander's general Ptolemy II, who ruled Egypt in the third century BC.
His satires were so biting that Ptolemy II had him sewn up in a sack and thrown into the sea.
The most famous library of classical antiquity was founded by Ptolemy I Soter in 3BC and expanded by his son Ptolemy II Philadelphus.
What did the attempt to reunite all of human culture (paideia) in one and the same place, in the analogical form of all the books ever written, signify for Ptolemy I and Ptolemy II Philadelphus?