Ptolemy I

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the king of Egypt who founded the Macedonian dynasty in Egypt

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PTOLEMY I certainly believe that my model is both mathematically and theologically sound.
33) This claim or even assertion of leadership can be found in the reigns of both Ptolemy I and Ptolemy II.
The platform for europ2000's planned entry into the end-user searching market is a text-processing system called Ptolemy I.
He was appointed satrap (governor) of Egypt after Alexander's death in 323 BC and declared himself King Ptolemy I in 305 BC.
Claudius Ptolemy is rightly remembered for his scientific contributions, and his Mathematical Composition--hereafter referred to by its more common title, the Almagest, from its Latinized Arabic moniker--stands as one of the most influential texts in the history of science.
s Although friends of Alexander's were not necessarily friends with each other, an association between Laomedon and Ptolemy is evident in that the former was likely to have been part of Ptolemy's conspiracy to hijack Alexander's funeral carriage, see Heckel, pp.