Ptolemaic system

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(astronomy) Ptolemy's model of the universe with the Earth at the center

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Dante's cosmology is based on the pre-Copernican Ptolemaic system with the earth at the center of the universe, and an Aristotelian conception of movement, in which all bodies fall toward a center, the center being the Earth.
The best introduction to the methods and techniques of ancient mathematics and astronomy, with stress on the discoveries made by the Babylonians and on the Ptolemaic system.
4), and on the Ptolemaic system as represented in the papyri (ch.
For predicting the positions of the planets, the Ptolemaic system was superior.
In the early Ptolemaic system of astronomy (see Ptolemy ), there were nine spheres; hence Milton, in his Arcades, speaks of the " celestial syrens ' harmony that sit upon the nine enfolded spheres.
One of them accounting for observed phenomena and gathering them under a single theoretical framework was admirably fulfilled by the Ptolemaic system Another, enabling scientists to make accurate predictions of future events, was also fulfilled by the Ptolemaic system; for using the charts and tables developed by astronomers utilizing the Ptolemaic approach, it was possible to predict the motions of the heavenly bodies with considerable accuracy.
We do not suspect him of trying to resurrect the Ptolemaic system of astronomy.
By continually adding epicycles, the Ptolemaic system was made to work; however, it had become insanely complex with dozens of epicycles for a single planet when Copernicus advanced his uncomplicated theory of heliocentricity in 1530.