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The objectives of this treatment were to expand on the earlier publication and to develop dichotomous keys, not only for the families but for all species of pteridophytes known to occur naturally, and those that have become naturalized in southeast Alabama.
2001 A comparison of the tropical montane pteridophyte flora of Mount Kinabalu, Borneo, and Parque Nacional Carrasco, Bolivia.
Pteridophytes are listed first, followed by angiosperms.
The number of pteridophytes at Botany Glen is comparable to the larger Ginn Woods and Wilbur Wright Fish and Wildlife Area.
1997 A provisional check-list of pteridophytes from the Danum Valley, Sabab.
The publication of The Pteridophytes of Mexico by Mickel and Smith (2004) confirmed that Mexico has one of the most diverse fern floras of the world.
According to Boom, Britton and Millspaugh provided coverage of "1,982 species composed of 995 spermatophytes, 33 pteridophytes, 69 bryophytes, 150 fungi, 197 lichens, 519 algae (including diatoms), and 11 myxomycetes".
Six Species of VA Mycorrhizal Fungi from the Rhizosphere of Pteridophytes in Yunnan.
Pamir-Alai Mountains, chorology, pteridophytes, alpine vegetation, petrophytes
Orbicule production by tapetal cells in a secretory metabolic phase can be interpreted as a primitive, possibly neotenic feature in flowering plants since orbicules occur also in bryophytes, pteridophytes and gymnosperms.
This paper concludes the study of pteridophytes of Northeast Alabama and adjacent highlands.
Environmental conditions strongly affect the distribution and development of pteridophytes in many parts of the world (e.
Hence, together with the other spore-bearing vascular plants, the Lycophytes (club mosses), Psilophytes (whisk ferns) and Pterophytes (true ferns), Equisetum species are classified as pteridophytes.
Very few protocols for the cryopreservation of sporophytes of pteridophytes have been reported, and those have utilized different types of tissues, such as shoot tips in Selaginella uncinata (Pence, 2001) and nodes of Trichomanes punctatum var.