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Assessment fact sheets for all bryophyte and pteridophyte species, saproxylic beetles, remaining terrestrial molluscs, and selected vascular plants occurring in Europe: these assessments will be presented in the format of fact sheets on the IUCN Red List website, in an access database, and they will also be accessible from the Europa website;
Biosystematic survey of pteridophytes from Shevaroy Hills, south India.
This first volume of a proposed three-volume set describes 1,054 taxa within pteridophytes (ferns and fern allies), gymnosperms, and monocots of OregonAEs natural habitat.
Pteridophytes and forbs with FACW/OBL designations are associated with sites exhibiting reference-type geomorphic conditions, i.
The Morphology of Pteridophytes, Hutchinson and Co.
Desiccation tolerance corresponds to the ability to survive under intense protoplasmatic dehydration, a phenomenon that is common in the plant kingdom with regard to pteridophytes, lichens, pollen and the seeds of many angiosperms.
Nomenclatural and taxonomic notes on the pteridophytes of Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia, II.
Algae formed 9 per cent of the total new species while pteridophytes and bryophytes contributed to 2 and 3 per cent, respectively.
The pteridophytes reported in the Flora totaled 33 species, none of which were regarded as endemic to the Archipelago.
Pteridophytes are an important component of the flora of our major region of species diversity, next to angiosperms in number.