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Because of physicians' and patients' unwillingness to switch psychotropic drugs if their current medication is working well, "payers will have greater difficulty moving significant market share for these drugs," she pointed out.
of the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and her colleagues found that children on Medicaid were more likely to be on psychotropic drugs than those covered by a health maintenance organization (HMO).
According to AHA recommendations from a new statement on Cardiovascular Monitoring of Children and Adolescents Receiving Psychotropic Drugs, no specific cardiovascular monitoring is necessary for most children on Ritalin.
As someone who writes the psychotropic drug use guidelines for surveyors of nursing facilities, I try to convey the importance of looking at the entire picture, rather than just a dosage or diagnosis.
Psychotropic drug prescriber's survival guide; ethical mental health treatment in the age of big pharma.
Further investigation of these residents' history indicated psychotropic drug use dating back to 1993 without reduction.
PsychoPharmaCare also provides a centralized review system, protocols governing psychotropic drug prescribing patterns, and intervention care management.
Eighty-five percent of psychotropic drug use is medically appropriate, according to the report, which was conducted in response to concerns of the Senate Special Committee on Aging.
Psychotropic drug usage, for example, declined markedly.
Medication reduction is one of our highest priorities, and our medical directors generally meet with the facility director of nursing, director of social services and consultant pharmacists each month to review the psychotropic drug profiles of all patients in the facility.
Rates of psychotropic drug use are reportedly increasing among children in general and among those with autism specifically, but to date studies have not yielded accurate estimates of use because they've.
Today, psychotropic drug regulations have largely curtailed such blatant self-medication, and yet pharmacists still report rising demand for prescription benzodiazepines, or tranquilizers, and experts say their misuse remains rife.
London, Oct 21 ( ANI ): When in Rome, you get a little hit of cocaine with every breath, as a study of psychotropic drug levels in ambient air from eight Italian cities found background levels of cocaine, cannabinoids - the active ingredients in marijuana - nicotine and caffeine in every urban centre.
Psychiatrists in areas with legal medical marijuana dispensers were encouraged to add cannabis to inquiries about diverted psychotropic drug use.