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Children with behavioral disorders are increasingly being subjected to unnecessary pharmacologic intervention even though there is no empirical evidence to support psychotropic drug treatment in very young children.
Objective: To evaluate practice of cigarette smoking and use of psychotropic drugs among medical students of Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi.
Throughout the study period, the overall prevalence of psychotropic drug combinations rated as "contraindicated" or having "major" interaction risks was 0.
Of these 60,430 patients, 21% simultaneously received psychotropic drugs from two or more different classes for at least 3 months.
A total of 21,334 (64%) of the patients were given at least one prescription for psychotropic drugs, and 11,598 (35%) were given multiple prescriptions for more than one class of psychotropic drugs.
While antibiotics are easily acquired over the counter in Lebanon, stricter regulations do appear to have taken a widespread toll on pharmacists' willingness to sell designated psychotropic drugs to individuals without prescriptions.
psychiatrists), particularly about switching from a psychotropic drug with a short elimination half-life to a similar psychotropic drug with a longer elimination half-life prior to tapering.
Both practitioners and parents assume that children require psychotropic drugs because they have emotional problems (Preston, O'Neal, & Talaga, 2010).
The first and foremost issue is the problem at large: an increase in the diversion of psychotropic drugs from prescriptions of their parents and peers.
Blacks had lower mean annual psychotropic drug spending than whites throughout the entire period (Figure 1A).
When decreasing a psychotropic drug, assess the resident for any signs or symptoms of the underlying disorder for which the drug was prescribed, since these can also contribute to weight loss.
There are no studies available on Medicaid psychotropic drug coverage, and this is a first step in understanding the availability of such drugs for patients with severe mental illness.
TEENAGED BOYS GOING TO THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE in the United States have a one-in-10 chance of being prescribed a psychotropic drug, according to a Brandeis University study in the January issue of the journal Psychiatric Services.
Anybody considering taking a psychotropic drug should read Chapter 5 before purchasing their prescription.
The drugs seized also include 202 kilograms of stimulants and 90 psychotropic drug pills.