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any severe mental disorder in which contact with reality is lost or highly distorted

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Reports on the defendant, he said, made "quite worrying reading" and it was clear that from time to time he was subject of psychotic episodes.
The seizures and psychotic episodes are sudden with no apparent trigger, says A.
He began having severe psychotic episodes, one of which led to him renouncing Islam.
Mr Moat said their mother suffered from a bipolar disorder which led to psychotic episodes and that she was emotionally abusive to her sons.
At higher doses abusers can have aural and visual hallucinations, psychotic episodes or extreme dysphoria that manifests as paranoia or depression.
Your columnist argues that THC, the main psychoactive component in cannabis, makes the brain more susceptible to psychotic episodes.
The test was particularly effective in difficult cases with patients who had experienced multiple psychotic episodes.
Anomalous experiences and the contents of persecutory delusions during psychotic episodes.
But since 2005 he had suffered rom psychotic episodes causing ymptoms similar to paranoid chizophrenia.
Walton, of Blackhill Crescent, who suffers from paranoid psychotic episodes, pleaded guilty to affray on Bank Holiday Monday, August 25.
McFarlane and others has shown that this kind of group markedly reduces risks for psychotic episodes.
Hospital separations for cannabis and methamphetamine related psychotic episodes in Australia.
Even though psychotic disorders can have debilitating effects, many clinicians and researchers have observed that some psychotic episodes result in improvements in an individual's functioning.
Before long, Sian was drinking every day then started having panic attacks and psychotic episodes.
An addictive drug that can cause psychotic episodes and help spread sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV by impairing users' judgment, meth is a psychostimulant used for both a euphoria rush and an energy boost.