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While there are minor points to quibble with--Steinberg's psychological analysis can occasionally divert too much attention away from the story he seeks to tell (particularly when major events such as the scramble for colonies are covered only briefly) and his attempt to create a direct line between Bismarck and Hitler may be a bit strong--Steinberg has produced an astute and thoughtful study.
Sd and Omar were accused of insulting Morsy on air, when Omar presented her psychological analysis on prison inmates and the president, a former political prisoner.
This psychological analysis might have been the answer I was looking for during the entire week, to fathom the news.
Larry David can serve as a guide through social values, ethical changes, and philosophical conundrums: Curb Your Enthusiasm and Philosophy documents these moments and employs astute psychological analysis for its considerations.
McPhee argues in this incisive study, lies in the years between his birth in 1758 and 1789 although he wisely avoids over-interpreting his childhood with post-facto psychological analysis.
When she awoke, they asked us to take her to Rashid Hospital for a psychological analysis, which they believed was the cause of the panic attack.
communicative function of questions, structure of natural-language questions); and practical applications (questions in science, psychological analysis of questions, surveys, didactic tests, legal proceedings.
Along with designer Anoushka Athique we began to explore stories of Eastern Europe: folk tales, journalist accounts, personal testimony, psychological analysis of refugees and repatriates.
The reports said Dr Adel included psychological analysis on the impact of violence on children and the scenario of violence during the crisis.
How bound are we by ethics and the law when it comes to interpreting data based on psychological analysis, be it abbreviated or in-depth, and in making decisions that will lead to the best outcomes for injured workers?
Numerous interpretive perspectives are developed by an international array of contributors, perspectives such as postcolonial criticism, cultural studies, millennial studies, commentary on performance art, psychological analysis, gender theory, intertextuality, cultural anthropology, Roman history, history of religion, and rhetography.
But despite Alterman's psychological analysis, I attribute my Jewish identification to a connection to an ancient and decent people who have made significant contributions to our legal code and to the best of our liberal values.
My intention is not to glorify these two people, but rather to present a psychological analysis of them.
These deals cover the launch of a Chinese version of a popular Made-in-Singapore social networking game; a cross-border venture development and incubation effort for new media companies; the digitisation of Chinese television content by a Singapore service provider; a joint collaboration in the psychological analysis technologies on the internet, mobile and social networking sites; and, the commercialisation of a word-ofmouth media channel in China based on a digital technology application developed in Singapore.
The authors of the study have said that despite its popularity, the Rorschach may not be the best tool for psychological analysis.
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