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But, she argues, this condition runs counter to and is eventually subsumed by Hollywood's regime of sexual differentiation, in which, the psychoanalytic school of feminist film theory insistently teaches, the woman is the image and can never have it.
This is the fundamental premise of the psychoanalytic school, succinctly summarized in the title of Alice Miller's highly popular first book, Prisoners of Childhood.
All contemporary psychoanalytic schools appreciate the multiple conscious, preconscious, and unconscious intersectionalities operative within the therapeutic milieu (Harris, 2011).
Israeli contributors from various psychoanalytic schools and from the fields of music, art, and other creative endeavors explore areas such as children's psychotherapy through play, rites for creating sacred holy spaces, play and survival in the shadow of the Holocaust, and the role of play in the training of actors.
Sorenson exhibits his empirical creativity using multidimensional scaling both to demonstrate the distinctiveness of Relational psychoanalysis and the potential fundamentalism of other psychoanalytic schools of thought.
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