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The psychology of men: New psychoanalytic perspectives (pp.
Psychoanalytic perspectives on religion: The illusion has a future.
I begin by looking at court cases and criminological studies in an effort to establish the impact of the rise of the psychoanalytic perspective on the prosecution of incest cases.
The present study examined the psychoanalytic perspective regarding mate selection.
His book is an account of Zen practice informed by his psychoanalytic perspective.
Updates on several treatment projects that include a psychoanalytic perspective appear in Psychosis: Psychological Approaches and Their Effectiveness (2000, B.
31 It is interesting to note that Greenberg and Zuerner both discuss sexuality in L'Astree from the psychoanalytic perspective, embarking upon consideration of the issue of castration (compare Greenberg, 1990, 12, or 1987, 172, with Zuerner, 7) and arriving at quite opposite conclusions.
In chapter 1, "The Psychoanalyst and the Biographer," the authors argue that the psychoanalytic perspective allows the biographer to empathize with the subject to form insightful hypotheses while allowing enough detachment to evaluate the hypotheses generated by the study.
From a psychoanalytic perspective, the answer is clear: The prolonged Clinton sex crisis forces everyone to acknowledge that the President has a penis.
Revolutions in Theory and Practice represents a bold departure from the traditional psychoanalytic perspective towards lesbianism, and this helps to make it one of the most exciting books in the field of human sexuality that I have read in some time.
insistence on the structure of the unconscious being like a language and his return to the letter, to tropes and figures of speech as keys in psychoanalytic practice are the clearest indication of the way forward for literary criticism intent on engaging its subjects of inquiry from a psychoanalytic perspective that avoids the crudities of psychoanalyzing the author through the text.
The psychoanalytic perspective on homosexuality, as explained in Hinsie and Campbell's Psychiatric Dictionary (Fourth Edition) is as follows:
Attitudes toward disability: A phylogenetic and psychoanalytic perspective.
A private, non-profit organization, the Foundation acts as a catalyst to bring together artists, scholars, mental health professionals and the general public to explore creativity through a psychoanalytic perspective.
of Bedfordshire, England) offers a psychoanalytic perspective of the ethical relationship between filmmaker and subject as it pertains to the ways in which the unconscious desires of the filmmaker influence the final text and thereby audiences.