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a licensed practitioner of psychoanalysis

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Psychoanalysts are not renowned for their consistency in using the concepts that one or another have invented.
In his first book, he offers a rare insight into the life of the psychoanalyst by assembling a series of anecdotes about past patients from his 25 years of professional experience.
The duty to love money and be happy concerns everyone, including psychoanalysts.
Thus when psychoanalysts fleeing Europe during World War II arrived in Buenos Aires, "they were so well received, because all the intelligentsiaphilosophers, painters, writersthey spoke about Freud in every discussion and newspaper or literary review," says Rosenfeld.
There will be a question panel in the late afternoon of 13 December with landscape architects and psychoanalysts.
These pioneer clinics, and those that followed, were staffed by psychoanalysts and their students.
These psychoanalysts saw themselves as brokers of social change and viewed psychoanalysis as a challenge to conventional political and social traditions.
Psychoanalysts remind us that the really big people in our lives are our parents; perhaps our grandparents are even bigger.
Some psychoanalysts assert that Tut represents implied immortality, a life that never ends - something many L.
In fact, psychoanalysts themselves began to pursue case histories of incest between fathers and adolescent daughters in the 1940s.
An organisation has been set up in London, called the College of Psychoanalysts, which has infuriated the already existing British Psychoanalytical Society.
In the film "Empathy," both documentary and fictional approaches are used to examine what director Amie Siegel terms the "tricky intimacy" that exists between psychoanalysts and their patients.
She said: "Most books are aimed at psychoanalysts and psychotherapists and tend to be complex.
A supermarket may sound like an odd place to find a priest and two psychoanalysts, hut Brazilian retail chain Pao de Acucar is mixing faith and modern management techniques to ease the family-run company's transition to professional management.
NO seasoned Londoner gets on a train or Tube without something to read, and after an evening at the Society of Psychoanalysts in Maida Vale in the company of author Philip Pullman I have been delighting in the trilogy His Darkest Materials.