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Regularly checking on patients, raising the proportion of qualified nurses and organising more patient activity sessions can reduce self-harm and suicide attempts in psychiatric hospitals, according to one of the UK's largest research studies into self-harm on Britain's acute psychiatric wards, published today.
On October 2, 2001, while a patient in the hospital's psychiatric ward (where she was receiving treatment for depression) she was assaulted and raped by a male patient.
A district court on Tuesday ordered a municipal government in Fukushima Prefecture and a psychiatric ward patient and his mother to pay some 160 million yen in damages to the family of a doctor the patient killed at a city-run hospital.
The book is narrated from the perspective of Chief Broom, a patient in a psychiatric ward.
O At times 80 to 90 per cent of patients in RavenscraigOs psychiatric ward are drug addicts, chronic alcoholics or ex-prisoners with violent tendencies.
Overall, three psychiatric patients, two formerly addicted patients, two methadone users, and no control patients had to be admitted to the psychiatric ward for reasons that could not be directly associated with psychiatric effects of interferon-alfa and ribavirin.
Yass's subjects are diverse--they include a psychiatric ward, cityscapes, art professionals, and Indian film stars--but one can't escape the sense that content is secondary to style and that this style remains staggeringly unvaried, notwithstanding recent forays into film.
Patient was initially admitted to psychiatric ward with diagnosis of major depression.
A psychiatric ward, the only in-patients facility, and clinics remained.
When she was 20, the actress checked herself into a psychiatric ward for depression.
With any threshold for commitment lower than mental illness--such as "personality disorder"--practically any prisoner can be indefinitely locked into a psychiatric ward.
It includes a juvenile psychiatric ward that cares for patients with aggressive tendencies, as well as those troubled by depression.
She was eventually sent to a psychiatric ward for several weeks, from which she returned to the nursing home several pounds lighter (she was already thin and frail) and confused - but on medication that made her less demanding.
Meanwhile, public services for the mentally ill in New Orleans are abysmal: A 1986 report by a city task force estimated that 44 percent of the city's 7,000-10,000 homeless were mentally ill, while according to an independent investigator's report, for a number of years "as many as 60 patients per night slept on the floor adjacent to the psychiatric ward at [nearby] Charity Hospital waiting to be seen.
Convit is quick to point out that the studies were done in a closed psychiatric ward, where there is little contact with outside society.