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producing distorted sensory perceptions and feelings or altered states of awareness or sometimes states resembling psychosis

having the vivid colors and bizarre patterns associated with psychedelic states

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(of a mental state) characterized by intense and distorted perceptions and hallucinations and feelings of euphoria or sometimes despair

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But as Miami University journalism professor Stephen Siff demonstrates in his fascinating book Acid Hype: American News Media and the Psychedelic Experience (University of Illinois Press), that wasn't always the case.
19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the most historically influential decades, the 1960s, came and went taking with it the ideologies of psychedelic exploration -- until now.
Illnesses are identified by scientific criteria and psychedelics are applied on an as-needed basis, generally with minimal applications.
Eugene Schoenfeld and I, as part of the University of California, San Francisco Department of Pharmacology team studying psychedelics, ordered iboga root extract through a local chemical supply company and proceeded to test it in laboratory animals and human subjects.
Four decades later, psychedelic research is returning to Harvard, where psychiatrist John Halpern plans to give MDMA (a.
Beyond observation, experimental studies conducted during the 1950s and 1960s sought to measure the effects of psychedelics on creativity with more precision.
I really doubt that people in and around the illegal side of drug dealings even knew of the existence of Microgram," says Alexander Shulgin, a former DEA-licensed chemist who is considered an underground icon for his do-it-yourself manufacture of designer psychedelics.
In that, they are firmly embedded in a classic American grain dating back to Emerson--modern transcendentalists, using the contemporary tools of electronically amplified music and, of course, huge amounts of psychedelic drugs.
A relative of both amphetamine and mescaline, MDMA is often described as a stimulant with psychedelic qualities.
Lerner and Lyvers (2006) found that users of psychedelics such as LSD or psilocybin differed from users of nonpsychedelic drugs such as cannabis in terms of higher empathy scores and higher scores on LVI creativity, spirituality, concern for others and concern for the environment in the former group.
They added that research into the effects of psychedelic drugs had been restricted in the past, because of their negative reputation.
Unfortunately, Thalbourne and Houran's findings sweep several different types of drugs--including psychedelics, narcotics, stimulants, and alcohol--together under one umbrella, revealing very little about which of these diverse psychoactive drugs relate to each particular syndrome.
Pinchbeck has had a glowing reputation in hipster circles since his 2002 book Breaking Open the Head, a travelogue and treatise on exotic psychedelics, which transformed him into the 21st century's chief pop guru on the meaning and significance of altered states--a thought leader whose musings, no matter how offbeat, are considered worthy of review in publications as mainstream as The New York Times.
Almost; my mom is straight, but my dad chilled pretty hard in the '70s, doing appropriate psychedelics.
If you ever wondered how the brothers in Mali reacted to the psychedelics of Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone, look no further.