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TRSC = Trachemys scripta; PSCO = Pseudemys scripta; GRPU = Graptemys pulchra; APSP = Apalone spinifera; GRGE = Graptemys geographica; CHSE = Chelydra serpentina; STMI = Sternotherus minor.
Annual frequency of clutches of Pseudemys texana and Trachemys scripta at the headwaters of the San Marcos River in Texas.
Variation in shell arching and sexual size dimorphism of river cooters, Pseudemys concinna from two river systems in Alabama.
So far this has helped us to identify two of the smaller specimens, one being Pseudemys Idahoensis more commonly found in Pliocene deposits from Hagerman, Idaho and an older specimen that contains elements from two individuals which we have identified as c.
New host records for Allassostoma (Trematoda: Digenea) and Neoechinorhynchus (Acanthocephala) from Pseudemys concinna (Le Conte) (Chelonia).
Such an approach was used to determine whether the turtle Pseudemys scripta was capable of wavelength discrimination and if so, how that ability varied across the entire spectrum of wavelengths that the turtle could detect (Neumeyer and Jager.
The life history of a neotropical slider, Pseudemys scripta (Schoepff), in Panama.
Effects of temperature and activity on aerobic andanaerobic metabolism and heart rate in the turtles Pseudemys scripta and Terrapene ornata.
No other turtle species were caught or observed in Dargans' Pond although Kinosternon subrubrum, Chelydra serpentina, and Pseudemys concinna have been seen in the vicinity.
Para la realizacion del presente experimento se emplearon un total de 16 tortugas Pseudemys scripta elegans adquiridas de un distribuidor local.
ouachitensis Cagle, Ouachita map turtle Pseudemys concinna (LeConte), SW river cooter Terrapene carolina (Linnaeus), I eastern box turtle T.