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Clearly, the Psetta maxima kingdom is unaware of my existence and Richard Turner, now into his fifth month of Michelin-starred glory, values my opinion as much as he does Ainsley Harriott's.
1994) demonstrated that a majority of copepod eggs remained viable after two to seven hours of gut passage in larval turbot (Scophthalmus maximus, now known as Psetta maxima).
The name Lepidopsetta is derived from the Greek lepido meaning "scaled," a probable reference to the strongly ctenoid scales found on the ocular side of most individuals, and psetta, meaning "flatfish".
However, in contrast to these results, there was growth improvement of turbot Psetta maxima larvae fed diets supplemented with oligofructose (Mahious et al.
Substituting fish meal with poultry by-product meal in diets for black sea turbot Psetta maeotica.