sand rat

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small nearly naked African mole rat of desert areas

southern European gerbil

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The sex ratio of captured rodents revealed a predominance of females in comparison to males (Fig 6) In the Psammomys obesus species, the female population is almost the twice of the males.
The macroscopic examination showed in general no lesions, a part from small sores and ulcerations which were observed on the external ears and the surroundings of the eyes of 4 rodents belonging to Psammomys obesus.
7] reported also that Psammomys obesus is a strict herbivore fond of succulent Chenopodiaceae.
He reported that on the eight captured Psammomys obesus showing lesions on ears, five strains were isolated and identified to belong all to L.
Psammomys Obesus Diet, Tank of the Cutaneous Leishmaniose, Zoonotic Disease of arid and Semi-arid Areas.
Ash and electrolyte intakes of the fat sand rat, Psammomys obesus, consuming saltbush, Atriplex halimus, containing different water content.
Action anti-obesite, hypocholesterolemiante et hypotriglyceridemiante de Nigella sativa chez le Psammomys obesus.
Acomys cahirinus C Acomys russatus C Eliomys melanurus C Gerbillus dasyurus G Gerbillus gerbillus G Gerbillus henleyi G Jaculus jaculus G/F Meriones crassus G/F Mus musculus O Psammomys obesus F Sekeetamys calurus G/F